The BIOFLEX® Mission

We are a company dedicated to using the healing power of light to alleviate the pain and negative impacts of many common diseases. We are committed to being a non-invasive, non-toxic and safe alternative to other therapies. Excellent patient outcomes are our priority focus. We are clinician’s first, partnering with world class engineers, to create products that are incubated in our Meditech clinics, bringing you the best in class low level laser therapy solutions.

Dr Fred Kahn

Our Founder

Dr. Fred Kahn, a retired vascular surgeon, discovered Laser Therapy after injuring his shoulder in a skiing accident in the 1980s.

He was steadfast in his decision to avoid surgery (as surgery was recommended to him at the time). A surgeon himself, Dr. Kahn knew the complications that could arise from surgical intervention, so he lived in pain for two years before he finally found relief after using an archaic Cold Laser Therapy device.

Inspired, Dr. Kahn was determined to develop an innovative product that is both easy to operate and treats many conditions. Dr. Kahn vision came to fruition, as he founded Meditech International Inc., and released BIOFLEX® Laser Therapy Systems in the 1990s.

With over 25 years in the industry, Dr. Kahn, his team and BIOFLEX® Laser technology have been lauded internationally, as a few of his most remarkable cases are featured in Norman Doidge, MD’s bestselling book, ‘The Brain’s Way of Healing.’ BIOFLEX® Laser Therapy was featured on CBC’s series, ‘The Nature of Things with David Suzuki,’ is relied upon by professional athletes and medical professionals, alike, and has been featured on various media outlets throughout the world.

Manufacturing Process

Our world-class engineers and scientists are dedicated to producing only the very best. All BIOFLEX® Laser Therapy Systems are designed (from conception to market) at our headquarters in Etobicoke, ON. We pay a premium on the parts that compile your BIOFLEX® Laser Therapy System to ensure that each and every BIOFLEX® Laser Therapy System meets our high standards of quality and safety.

Integrated Science

Our engineers work in close contact with our clinicians and scientists to ensure that dosage is exact and accurate for every system we manufacture. Regular communication between our engineers, clinicians and scientists ensures that we stay on the cutting edge of our industry.


We are clinicians, first and foremost. Professionals utilizing BIOFLEX®Laser Therapy at the Meditech Rehabilitation Centres include doctors (of medicine and Chiropractic care) and professionals in the fields of osteopathy, massage therapy and physiotherapy.

The Meditech Rehabilitation Centres (2 clinics, located in Toronto, ON and Etobicoke, ON) comprise the largest stand-alone Laser Therapy centre, worldwide. As the largest consumer of BIOFLEX® Laser Therapy Systems, Meditech Rehabilitation Centres are open 6-7 days per week.

In addition to treatment at the clinic, Meditech Rehabilitation Centre is pleased to provide home treatments for patients who have had an initial consultation and are unable to travel to the clinic for their treatments. Please inquire during your initial consultation for more information.


We offer unparalleled support to our patients and practitioners. Our patients are supported by a dedicated medical and administrative team, focused on treating and healing many conditions, including those that conventional methods may have failed to rectify.

Practitioners offering BIOFLEX® Laser Therapy to their patients enjoy not only technical support from the very engineers that constructed the BIOFLEX® Laser Therapy System, but clinical support from our clinical staff and seasoned Laser Therapists.

Marketing materials, access to informative and timely online webinars (which include links to an impressive list of archived webinars), and digital/social media marketing support allows the practitioner to focus upon their patients and practice.

Global Reach

The technology is currently utilized by healthcare practitioners in many countries and the company operates two rehabilitation clinics in Toronto where over 1200 therapeutic sessions are administered on a weekly basis. The technology is non-invasive, non-toxic and highly effective in the treatment of an extensive number of medical conditions, particularly where current methodologies are ineffective.